No Thanks

no-thank-youYes, November is the month of the Thanksgiving Holiday  and I generally enjoy the colder weather, the good food and the great sales. As I understand it, Thanksgiving Day was set aside by the Pilgrims to give thanks to God for the bountiful harvest of crops. And a turkey was stuffed, cooked  and placed in the center of the table. At least that’s what I’ve seen in all the early photos. lol

A thankful heart and a gracious mouth is one of my aspirations . However, there are a few things that I have given a  hearty “No Thank  You” to.  My first refusal is such a “turkey”  that it takes a post of its own.  It is:


Remember the word that I said unto you, The servant is not greater than his lord. If they have persecuted me, they will also persecute you; if they have kept my saying, they will keep yours also. __John 15:20 . . These things have I spoken unto you, that ye should not be offended.__ John 16:1

A number of years ago I was reading the Bible along with a sermon on an unrelated topic, and  John 16:1 caught my eyes as if it was flashing light. Yes, it was in red (lol)  but so was every other verse around it.  It was as if Jesus was giving me a direct instruction .  And that added weight to those words.

I can’t say when I first put this instruction in to practice, but since that day I have had many and recent opportunities  to obey  and “take no offense”.  On one such occasion, I didn’t pretend not to notice the bad behavior, but I had already decided to say “no thank you”  to taking on someone else’s negative attitude.  So, in that instance my response was to not respond to the comment. It was like shooing a fly away.  And the silence presented the perfect acoustics for an echo.

Once I encountered a frustrated store clerk and I just looked  her in the eyes and said. “ No problem, I’m  not in a hurry.”  I guess this only works if you are not in a hurry 🙂 . I think the fact that I looked at her and acknowledged her as a person helped to salvage the sale and restore the calm. I think I even left with a “thank you” lol.

Okay,  How am I  doing?  2-0, well actually I’m 2-1 (here in this blog ,lol). Because  several months ago, I was very much offended by a “frienemy’s” direct comment to me and I said something like “I will remember what you just said” (probably in a DarthVader -esque voice)  Gosh darn if I did not program myself to do just that.  It was just a few days later that I lashed out.   The difference was  that I had not been intentional in NOT being offended.

So if I find myself at a gathering on Thanksgiving Day or any other occasion, I will say “Yes Please” to the cornbread dressing and the candied yams  but a hearty “No Thank You” to the turkey passing out offense!

Grace and Peace,


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