the acceptable prayer

As a child in church, I remember  a practice of certain deacons to pray by audibly inhaling  or huffing so deeply that it could have created a  whirlwind sucking us all up like the rapture. Or one deacon who vainly repeated  “and aaaah”   between his  indistinguishable words  so much so that even as a child, I was a little hesitant  to say “Amen”.  lol 

I am not going to give a etymology of the word “prayer” because it has already been done by more qualified persons than myself.  Just Google it. In its simplest terms, my prayer looks and sounds like I am talking to my Holy Father.   Lately, I tell God what is unresolved in my life today and thank Him for what He has  already provided . . , in that order.  At other times, I am truly overwhelmed by His care for me. 

He is my Father and He is in the house with me. God knows what is going on. But God is honored that I would personally appeal to Him for help because I acknowledge that He wants to and can do something about the situation.  In His word He tells us to


Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.____ Philipians  4:6prayer 

What does a prayer look like?

 “Thank you for resolving this, Father”  

Sometimes it looks like singing along with a song  like “I Trust You Lord” because the words say what I want to say to God

Some times, it’s “Give me strength to endure”

Some times it’s a whimper,  “ Lord, You know”

Sometimes it’s  “WOW!” and a happy dance  (fyi. . . my happy dance is done in the car where it really looks like I am a great dancer or  I  just  dance on the “inside” because I have lost the rhythm of my youth . . Maybe I could PRAY that it is restored?)


And God answers:

By changing my desire to fit His best;

Sometimes  God says,  ” I thought you would never ask ME”

Sometimes, it is “Not now but hold on.”


The acceptable prayer is the prayer uttered in quiet confidence and obedience with expectancy that God knows best and that He will not fail to answer.

Grace and Peace,030208_0025_0246.wbcCheryl


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